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Do you shop at Amazon? Then we have some great news for you!

Supporting the BeatHeart Foundation has never been easier! The BeatHeart Foundation is now a registered charitable organization with the AmazonSmile Program. Shop at AmazonSmile to support our mission every time you buy! It's the same you know—same products, same prices—AND .05% of each purchase price is donated directly to The BeatHeart Foundation.

Your post will link your supporters directly to in support of The BeatHeart Foundation.

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Try these two easy ways to start with a smile:

  1. Create a bookmarkDrag this button to your bookmarks or favorites to create a shortcut to


  2. Install the Amazon Assistant: Get easy access to Product Comparisons, the Deal of the Day, Watched Deals Notifications and time-saving shortcuts right in your browser, which all link to Learn more here.

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Your tweet will link your followers directly to in support of The BeatHeart Foundation.

When you are on and you find a product, just try replacing the "www." with "smile." and see if the product page still works. Most of the time it does and you can easily switch to AmazonSmile this way!


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