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Do you shop at Amazon? Then we have some great news for you!

Supporting the BeatHeart Foundation has never been easier! The BeatHeart Foundation is now a registered charitable organization with the AmazonSmile Program. Shop at AmazonSmile to support our mission every time you buy! It's the same you know—same products, same prices—AND .05% of each purchase price is donated directly to The BeatHeart Foundation.

Your post will link your supporters directly to in support of The BeatHeart Foundation.

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  • What is The BeatHeart Foundation?
    The BeatHeart Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based out of Reading, MA that strives to provide welcoming spaces in our community for creative expression while raising resources and awareness for addiction recovery. The BeatHeart Foundation was created in response to the sudden and devastating death of our close friend Jake Czuczwa to an opioid overdose, just one day after his 24th birthday. Jake was an incredible friend and a gifted musician, songwriter, and producer who was truly passionate about music. Jake’s passing was and continues to be excruciatingly painful but it also fuels our movement. The BeatHeart Foundation was formed with the following goals: to raise resources and awareness for addiction recovery, to break down the stigma around substance abuse, and to provide pathways to creative and productive lifestyles. We believe that this approach will lend valuable support to those struggling with substance abuse and mental illness who have so much to offer the community. Learn more about The BeatHeart Foundation .
  • What is Jams for Jake?
    A celebration of music & community. Jams for Jake is a special event in memory of our close friend Jake Czuczwa. Jake frequently spoke of creating an outdoor music festival so we felt an annual event in his name was the greatest way to honor him. Jams for Jake is an all-day community music and arts festival focused on creating awareness of and providing resources to fight the ongoing opioid epidemic. It’s free, family-friendly, open to the public, and takes place in Reading, MA. Our hope is to annually use this event as a way to create something positive to honor Jake's life and to create a space for open and honest reflection on the effects of the opioid crisis in our lives and our communities. We want to bring this conversation into the light, breaking down the misconceptions and stigma around addiction that keeps people from getting the help they desperately need, and forces families and loved ones to suffer profound hardships and losses in silence. Hopefully through the love and power of art and music, we can use this event to come to terms with what's going on in our community, which has affected so many of us. We'd like to continually leave people with a sense of hope -- that they can do something to help either themselves, someone else, or the community at large. Learn more about Jams for Jake
  • What were the funds used on that were raised from Jams for Jake last year?
    So far, we have put the funds raised from Jams for Jake last year towards: covering all of the expenses involved in running this large community festival; supporting local groups like the Reading Coalition Against Substance Abuse; running an opioid education and overdose reversal training; hosting inclusive, sober, and recovery-friendly open mic nights; and creating and sponsoring a community service art grant for Reading students.
  • Do you accept volunteers?
    Yes! For more information about volunteering for our organization and upcoming volunteer opportunities with us please visit our "Volunteer Page" or contact Kelsey Tuminelli at
  • How can I make a donation?
    If you are interested in making a tax-deductible donation to help further our work, please visit our "Donation Page" or attend one of our upcoming events.
  • What forms of payments do you accept?
    The BeatHeart Foundation accepts: checks, money orders, credit/debit cards, PayPal, electronic funds transfers/ACH, and cash (at events).
  • Is my donation tax deductible?
    Yes, The BeatHeart Foundation is a registered nonprofit organization and recognized as tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Will I receive a receipt for my donation?
    Yes, you will receive a receipt for your donation. If you misplace your donation receipt, please contact us at and request a new one.
  • Is it safe to donate online with my credit card?
    Yes. All information provided to The BeatHeart Foundation is transmitted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. SSL is a proven coding system that lets your browser automatically encrypt, or scramble, data before you send it to us.
  • How does Donorbox keep payment data secure?
    Donorbox forms use 256-bit SSL/TLS technology to ensure security. Your money is safe. Donor Box uses Stripe and PayPal as its payment processors, two of the most secure and trusted financial platforms (both are certified PCI Level 1 Service Providers) with an impeccable reputation.
  • How will my donation appear on my credit card statement?
    Your donation will appear on your credit card statement as “BEATHEART FOUNDATION” (it may appear as all one word or a shorter version depending on how you are viewing your statement.
  • Where does my donation go?
    Every dollar of your generous donation goes to supporting our mission to provide welcome spaces in the community for creative expression while raising resources and awareness for addiction recovery. Your gift will specifically go toward endeavors such as: -the upcoming Jams for Jake community music festival -community opioid education and overdose reversal naloxone trainings -seasonal coffeehouse arts and performance nights -community arts grants for Reading Memorial High School Students
  • What is The BeatHeart Foundations Federal Tax-ID Number?
    The BeatHeart Foundation’s Federal Identification Number (EIN) is 82-5346203.
  • How can I give on a monthly basis?
    You can visit our "Monthly Giving Page" for more information about setting up a monthly gift.
  • What are some of the ways can I contribute?
    If you are interested in contributing to The BeatHeart Foundation and our movement, there are various meaningful ways in which to do so. Please visit our “Ways to Give” page for more information.
  • Is it possible to send a memorial gift or a gift in honor of another individual?
    Yes! You can view our "Honor and Memorial Giving Page" to assist you in making a gift in memorial to a departed loved one or a gift to honor an important individual in your life.
  • What is a tribute gift, and what is the difference between an honor gift and a memorial gift?"
    A tribute gift is a gift made in recognition of a person or an event. We use the term tribute gift to refer to both honor and memorial gifts. Memorial gifts are made in remembrance of someone who has passed away. All other types of tribute gifts, such as gifts made in celebration of special events, are referred to as honor gifts. On our “Tribute Page”, tributes will be listed “in honor of” or “in memory of”, the person or event, and the name of the donor. Anonymous donors shall be noted as such. To learn more about tribute gifts please visit our "Honor and Memorial Giving Page."
  • Are there sponsorship opportunities available for my company?
    Yes! If you work for a company that is interested in being a sponsor of The BeatHeart Foundation or one of our upcoming events, please view our “Sponsorship Page” or reach out to us at
  • How can I get involved?
    There are plenty of ways to get involved with the BeatHeart Foundation. Please visit our “Get Involved” page for more information.
  • Is The BeatHeart Foundation on social networking sites?
    Yes. We are on Facebook and Instagram.
  • How can I stay informed about the BeatHeart Foundation’s latest news and events?
    For the latest news and events, sign up for the BeatHeart Foundation’s mailing list and like/follow us on Facebook and Instagram!
  • How do I get in touch about media inquiries?
    For media inquiries or requests for press materials, photos, video and media interviews, please email us at
  • What is a matching gift program?
    Employee matching gift programs are corporate giving programs in which the company matches donations made by employees to eligible nonprofit organizations. Companies big, small, and everything in between, match gifts. It's an easy way to double (or sometimes even triple) your contribution to us! To learn more about matching gift programs, please visit our “Employee Matching Gifts Page.”
  • I made a donation few months ago. Can I still apply for a matching gift?
    Yes! It's not too late to apply for a matching gift! Many companies allow employees to submit match requests for up to one year after the date of your donation. Check with your HR department for your companies specific policies.
  • I didn’t find my company on the list on the matching gifts page. Does that mean my company does not match donations?
    It’s still possible that your employer will match your donation, even if you don’t find your company on the list. Check with your company’s Human Resources Department and ask if your donation can be matched.
  • How can I opt-out of emails?
    Please send an email to with the email address that you would like to have opted-out of our mailing list and we'll take care of the rest!
  • What are your views on naloxone? Should it be widely available?
    Yes, Naloxone, should be widely available! Naloxone, also known as Narcan, acts to displace opioids from receptors in the brain and allows slowed breathing to resume. A dose of naloxone can reverse the effects of heroin or prescription opiates and can save the life of an individual who is overdosing on one of these substances. We believe that all first responders should carry naloxone and be trained on how to use it. We also support efforts to make naloxone more widely available in our community in order to prevent as many overdose deaths as possible.
  • Can’t find the question or answer you were looking for?
    Submit a question using the contact form at the bottom of this page, and someone from our organization will get back to you!

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