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Mission, Vision & Core Values

Our Mission

The BeatHeart Foundation’s mission is to provide welcome spaces in the community for creative expression while raising resources and awareness for addiction recovery.



Our Vision

       To provide resources, or pathways to resources, for addiction recovery and coping

strategies to community members

       To promote awareness and educate the community about the realities of substance abuse

       To provide an outlet for the community to cope with the loss of, and commemorate loved ones

       To sponsor host and/or participate in events and activities that promote creative expression, well-being and/or healing in the community

We wish to create a world where all individuals feel supported and empowered as valued members of the community and are encouraged to express themselves without fear of judgment, regardless of their current past struggles with addiction or mental illness.



Our Core Values

The values of our organization steer our mission. We strive to embody these values so that our community may be recognized by them. We believe that through these values, we will realize our vision. 



Our events, groups and gatherings emphasize a sincere acceptance of and appreciation for all individuals. We actively work to subvert the stigma that exists around addiction and mental illness. We believe that every person is equal and deserving of compassion. We encourage individuals indiscriminately to find creative outlets, opportunities for growth and potential for healing in our community.



We encourage individuals to be honest with themselves while evaluating their own struggles and traumas, as well as their own talents and strengths, and we commit ourselves to leading by example. We hope to engender an atmosphere in our community in which individuals can be truthful with themselves, find self-acceptance, and then, when ready, be honest with their community.  It is through the achievement this interpersonal honesty, found after earnest inward examination, that real healing can begin.



We understand that everyone has a unique viewpoint and life experience. We do not aim to forcefully alter or influence people to change; rather, we believe that with respect for each individual’s autonomy, we can foster supportive relationships based on genuine trust and connection. We believe that when individuals feel respected and can derive a sense of self-worth from the community, they are better able to cope with any adversity they face.



Love is at the center of our mission. We desire to treat all with compassion and inspire compassionate action in others.



We believe in the power of creative expression to both mold and examine a life of intention, health, and emotional prosperity. In the face of addiction, creativity in all of its forms is a powerful tool for recovery and building community. We commit to encouraging all individuals to explore means of creative expression and find their voice.



We wish to honor the powerful lives and loves of those lost. By remembering the light with which they illuminated the community, we strive to pay forward the impact they had so that we may use that light to find a more effective path to health and well-being.

We want to hear your voice!

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