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Our Story

The BeatHeart Foundation was created in response to the sudden and devastating death of our close friend Jake Czuczwa to an opioid overdose, just one day after his 24th birthday. Jake was an incredible friend and a gifted musician, songwriter, and producer who was truly passionate about music. Growing up in Reading, MA, Jake played trombone at Coolidge Middle School and Reading Memorial High School in concert, marching, and jazz band. He was a skillful guitar player who played with an expertise that had rapidly surpassed his teacher. He was also a member of RMHS’s drama club, but his true passion was creating and playing his original music.

Jake’s passing was and continues to be excruciatingly painful but it also fuels our movement. By raising awareness and educating people about addiction, we want to push the issue and make sure that our community is made aware of the growing heroin/opioid epidemic. There are no racial or socioeconomic boundaries when it comes to heroin addiction; this disease does not discriminate. We are striving to create a movement that will combat the rapid increase of opioid use within our community as well as support and educate families and loved ones that were unprepared to face this overwhelming crisis. We wish to create a world where all individuals feel supported and empowered as valued members of the community and are encouraged to express themselves without fear of judgment, regardless of their current or past struggles with addiction or mental illness.

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