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Jams for Jake

Returning summer 2021

On June 25th, 2017, Jake Czuczwa passed away just one day after his 24th birthday.  Jake was a truly incredible friend as well as a gifted musician, songwriter, and producer.  Growing up in Reading, Jake played trombone at Coolidge Middle School and Reading Memorial High School in concert, marching, and jazz band.  He was a member of RMHS’s drama club and the boy scouts, but his greatest pleasure came from creating and playing his original music.  Jake was a skillful guitar player who crafted his own unique sound and he brought this flavor to every creative project that he worked on.  Jake frequently spoke of creating an outdoor music festival so we felt an event in his name was the greatest way to honor our friend.



Raising Addiction Awareness

In November of 2017 we held a special event in memory of our friend Jake Czuczwa. Jams for Jake was an all-day music festival/community gathering to honor the memory of Jake, and to raise resources and awareness in the fight against the opioid epidemic. It was free, family-friendly, and open to the public. Jams for Jake was a great day of fun, music, reflection, and community that Jake would have loved. Our hope is to annually use this event as a way to create something positive to honor Jake's life and to create a space for open and honest reflection on the effects of this crisis in our lives and our communities.

We want to bring this conversation into the light, breaking down the misconceptions and stigma around addiction that keeps people from getting the help they desperately need, and forces families and loved ones to suffer profound hardships and losses in silence. Along with the music, the day will feature speakers reflecting on their own experience with substance abuse and recovery, as well as resources for those in our community who are still struggling and those who want to learn how they can help others. Hopefully through the love and power of art and music, we can use this event to come to terms with what's going on in our community, which has affected so many of us. We'd like to continually leave people with a sense of hope -- that they can do something to help either themselves, someone else, or the community at large. 

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